Understanding Food Packaging: Choosing The Right Products For Your Business

As a food business, you want to use packaging that perfectly preserves, protects, and presents your delicious products. The goal being that everything still looks and tastes amazing after it leaves your store – meaning it arrives at the customer’s home/office intact. There are almost too many options available when it comes to food packaging, though, so making the right choice can be a hurdle.

Luckily, today’s article will help you make the right choice.

 Appearance Matters

Our sense of smell may make our bellies grumble, but we’ll choose what we eat based on how it looks most of the time. We’ve all agonised over a restaurant menu because everything sounds awesome, but we often will make a snap decision when we see a divine plate of food, fresh from the kitchen, arrive at the neighbouring table. We eat with our eyes first!

How your food is presented in takeaway and disposable containers will have the same effect. You want your food to look appetising as it leaves the store, which is where solid colour packaging really shines. We’ve found that white and kraft packaging works great to enhance the appearance of food, whereas clear plastic packaging doesn’t offer the same pop.

Plus, don’t forget: every product that leaves the store is an opportunity to draw attention to your business! Consider boxes with clear windows that allow people to see the goodies inside or bio-plastic cups that show off how vivid and fruity your smoothies are.

Structural Integrity

There are legal obligations when it comes to the material and integrity of takeaway food containers, but we’ll get into that in a later article. Right now, we want to focus more on preserving the appearance of the food so that it keeps looking delicious after travelling from A to B, aka. from your store to your customer’s plate at home.

Let’s say you run an upscale bakery. Stuffing a delicate tart with elegant caramel lacework into a waxed-paper baggie will likely result in your hard work being smushed during transit and potentially a dissatisfied customer. A clamshell box or a board tray are alternatives that protect your product.


Food products rarely need custom packaging. As such, utilising multi-purpose packaging is a great way to streamline your needs, which works to your benefit in two key ways:

  • Space

Using only a few sizes and styles of packaging will save on space. The less space you use to store packaging, the more space you have to display food and create seating, meaning more money in your pocket.

  • Cost

Using only a small range of multi-use packaging items saves on costs in two ways: the fewer styles you use equals a greater order quantity for each product, leading to better bulk prices. Less ordering also means less shipping costs. You might be surprised by how much budget you can save by streamlining your packaging needs!

Streamlining your packaging is a great way to make your packaging hyper-efficient and effective.

Wrapping Up

There are many things to consider when choosing your packaging, and today we’ve covered three of the most important. So, no matter if you are a takeaway burger joint, a food truck that travels the state, or a bakery that sells delicate pastries, choosing the right food packaging is a task worthy of dedicating some time to. Why? Because it will make a positive difference in your business.

We thrive on helping clients find the perfect multi-purpose packaging solutions that abide by all legal requirements. If you need help choosing the right food packaging for your products, get in touch – we’d love to help.