Case Study: The Cloche Collective

The Cloche Collective makes delicate origami creations displayed on a timber and marble base and housed within a glass cloche. Unfortunately, the combination of fragile products and inadequate packaging led to many frustrating issues, including breakages, increased shipping and packaging costs, and time lost due to a multi-step packing method.


Cloche Collective used a time-consuming, multi-layered packing method in an attempt to protect their products during shipping. These layers were composed of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, a box, more packing peanuts, and another box – and yet, even with this 5-step process, they still had many product breakages.

On top of breakages, this packaging method increased costs in two ways: first, costs of material needed, and second, increased freight costs due to the end-package’s size. Add onto that the costs of handling returns and replacements for damaged products, and that’s a lot of expenses eating into profits.

Initially, Cloche Collective approached a different packaging company for help. However, their production costs were too great, and Cloche Collective needed a more cost-effective solution. That’s when LiteCorp, our honeycomb cardboard supplier, connected Cloche Collective with Moda.


Moda created a two-piece honeycomb cardboard packaging solution for Cloche Collective. These two pieces sandwich together snugly around the product, providing complete protection and preventing the cloche from contacting the marble base.


By creating custom honeycomb cardboard packaging, Moda turned our client’s 5-step packaging process into a simple 2-step process. Plus, in eliminating the need for packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and multiple boxes, Cloche Collective’s supply and delivery costs were reduced!

Now, instead of packing, wrapping, filling, taping, and boxing up their products, Cloche Collective can insert and enclose the cloche product in mere moments. We’re thrilled to have given such a significant amount of time given back to our client.

Of course, one of the most important outcomes for Cloche Collective is peace of mind. Knowing that their products are well-protected against damage during shipping allows our client to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about product breakages and excessive packaging.